Our wedding party



Autumn Brown 

Autumn was my first friend in Sacramento and remains my closest.  She is the person I can be totally and utterly geeky with.  Fun Fact: We started a vintage scooter club called the Girl Scoots of America. (See what I mean about the geeky thing?) 

Cassie Bush 

Cassie and I met our freshman year of college playing rugby and have spent our entire adult lives as friends.  We have shared a lot of ups and downs and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Fun Fact: Cassie and I once wrote lyrics to the castle level theme song in Super Mario Brothers.  

Leslie Wilson

Leslie was also one of the first people I met in Sacramento, my next door neighbor in my first big girl apartment.  She is the ultimate girly girl. Downside: It takes her 30 minutes to put mascara on.  Upside: She won't let you leave the house unless you look fantastic too. Fun Fact: Leslie loves karaoke.

Kelly Kopp

Kelly is another college roommate and rugby friend. (Yes. You read that right!! I met my stunning friends playing rugby.) She is one of those friends you can go months without speaking to and pick up right where you left off. Kelly taught me how to use eye shadow and I forced her to side part her hair. Fun fact: Kelly coaches high school cheerleading (in Texas!) even though she has never cheered a day in her life. 

Katie Cole 

Katie is one of the sweetest people in the world.  I met Katie through Leslie a few years ago and she instantly acted as if we had been friends for years.  She is kind, generous and one of the best hostesses/party planners around. Fun fact: Katie can sleep standing up, I have seen it with my own eyes.  


John Coleman

My oldest friend.  John and I met when his family moved to Brentwood and joined our church.  We were about eight years old.  Both being a bit strange, we were immediately drawn to each other and spent endless hours taking apart things that weren't broken, pretending to drive his dad's vintage Jeep, and going on adventures with our bicycles.  By the time we were twelve, we had promised to be each other's best man at our weddings.  Like  I said before, we were strange.   Right before I met Stephanie I flew to Colorado to be John's best man (and finally got to drive the Jeep for real!)  I am honored that John will be flying to California to be my best man.

Tim McCain

Tim and I met when I started at Chassisworks in 2007.  He hadn't been there long and we bonded over being 'The New Guys', our love of fast cars, and music.  Tim grew up in Seattle and I will always be jealous of the bands he got to see before they were big.  He's a talented artist, a dedicated father of two, and a true friend.  When you need someone in a pinch he is already on his way to lend a hand.

Ryan Pascoe

We met at about 17 but didn't  become close until our early 20s.  Thank God we didn't have money for fast cars.  Probably one of my earliest memories of our friendship involves a bicycle ramp that was scooted back a bit too far; not a good idea on asphalt.  We have supported each other through some rough patches -Ryan was always the one who could always give it to me straight.  As we've grown older, we have celebrated many good times and milestones.  I know that there will be many more.

Justin Swenson

The first time I met Justin he was 14 and I was 16.  I hazed him, he hated me and we didn't talk for months.  Then something changed and we discovered our mutual affinity for punk music and motorcycles.  Suddenly we were great friends; we even made a Sci-Fi movie together.  Although the big studios didn't see fit to put it out in theaters, we know it would have won Best Picture.  Justin is one of the most genuine people I know and has proven time after time that he's the best there is when it comes to road trip buddies.

Jonathan Taylor

Lawyer/Musician/Sailor/Adventurer.  Jon and I met on a church trip to Mexico.  He was the only kid who could hear me trying to play guitar and recognize that it was supposed to be a real song.  He asked me to show him how to play it and 15 years later we still haven't stopped writing songs together.  When one of us buys a new piece of music equipment, the other is immediately scheming about how to borrow it for five years.  The only time we don't agree is when we're trying to sing Alice in Chains and we fight over who's supposed to sing Layne's part.  We share an unhealthy love for burritos. Guy Fieri has nothing on Jon, he knows all the best spots for a burrito from San Francisco to Missouri!



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